The Florida Living Series

Three of our newest and most imaginative models make up our exclusive Florida Living Series! Featuring unique outdoor living areas that bring the best aspects of our Florida lifestyle right into your every day living space.

What makes the Florida Living Series unique?

Each model in the series features a courtyard lanai on the side of the home allowing for unprecedented comfort and privacy.

Exclusive Inclusive Pricing

These models are paired with featured lots that will take special advantage of the Florida Living Series’ distinct features, allowing you to purchase both home and lot for one inclusive price!



Bedroom / 2 Bath / Double Lanai

Living: 1308 Sq. Ft.

Total: 1947 Sq. Ft.


3 Bedroom / 2 Bath / Large Side Lanai

Living: 1649 Sq. Ft.

Total: 2426 Sq. Ft.


2 Bedroom/ 2 Baths / Double Lanai

Living: 1433 Sq. Ft.

Total: 2222 Sq. Ft.